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Kevin Kelly: The Evergreen Optimist

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How Thinking He Was Going to Die Taught Kevin Kelly How To Live

Episode Notes

This episode with Wired Founding Editor Kevin Kelly is one of my favourite episodes!

His joie de vivre is infectious and I learned so much from his inspiring story and his fantastic new book Excellent Advice For Living which we talk about in this episode from which I know you will get a lot from too.

But stepping back in time, Kelly was publisher and editor of the Whole Earth Review from 1984-1990 before he joined Wired in 1993 as its Founding Executive Editor alongside Louis Rossetto who we mention in this episode and Jane Metcalfe who I interviewed in Series 5, episode 40 (listen here). Kevin has also written some incredibly popular books including the New York times bestseller The Inevitable, Out of Control, which he wrote in 1992 and immediately became required reading on set of The Matrix film The Silver Cord, a graphic novel about robots and angels, What Technology Wants, a robust theory of technology, and Vanishing Asia, his 50-year project to photograph the disappearing cultures of Asia. Kevin is also co-chair of The Long Now Foundation with Stewart Brand.

Kevin is a living legend and the 400+ pieces of advice from his latest book have already become part of my son’s bedtime routine – that’s how good they are.

So without further ado, you’re listening Danielle Newnham Podcast where I interview tech founders and innovators to learn the inspiring, human story behind their work and this is my interview with Kevin Kelly.


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Pre-order Kevin's latest book, Excellent Advice for Living: Wisdom I Wish I'd Known Earlier, here.

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From this episode, Kevin's interview on This American Life here.

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